Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Its hard giving up bad habits. Smoking, nail biting, butt fucking and crystal. I say to my daddy; Daddy your baby's got a fuck hole, fill it with sperm.

Yeah right. How do you drop into the black hole of your brain when the door is shut tighter than a bulls asshole in a snowstorm. I want to be a good boy. Good boys don't do drugs but I can tast it, the first hit, and the next, the one after that. Then my clothes are off, the mental door opens and I wisper "Bareback me muscle daddy, gimme a big load." Post time, poll position, inside rail and the oval of my hole is now the oval of the race track. How many loads can I get before he is exhausted. Its a race against the clock - isn't it always?

You see, though I love bareback porno - there are usually more dicks buzzing around an open wet twat than there are flys around a horses tail. When my fuck hole gets seeded, I go to work sucking my man so he can get in the mood for a reload. After the reload is shot, and his semen is leaking out my hole, I am sucking him clean. Black holes suck into their orbit, all matter.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I ain't a racist, though there are many who would consider me one because, well I bottom for black guys and love big black dick. I bareback for big black dick, and not to be shy about it, I take big semen loads from big black dick. Fun with dick and sperm. See dick shoot. Shoot dick, shoot. Lick the spoon baby, get it all. Yes Sir Daddy - squeeze out the last drop, suck you dry.

White boys or men, and there are so few of them, don't know how to treat a big muscular bottom or his bull twat. Seems white boys get intimidated easily, don't want to shove their lilly whites into the red zone, fearing a mud slide, a lava flow or some other serious ABC socio-sexuallly transmitted disease.

When I spread my big legs for my big black Daddy, he drills me deep. I control him with my ass cheeks and butt hole muscles. He feels good fucking me, hammering my ass, making him as much an animal as me. Fuck me like an animal Daddy, I want your sperm, gimme your sperm, fuck YEAH shoot it! Then I feel the release the throb of his cock as each shot of semen is deposited in my hole. At first, powerful forces take over his body and pound mine. Then he slowly subsides and each sperm shot becomes less intense until spent, he slides out of my spermy hole.

Then I suck him clean of my ass juices, his sperm and lube. I service him in appreciation for his hard work satisfying me. I also want him to get hard and fuck me a second time and leave another load. A more intense load, as I drain his balls and he is mine. Yeah baby gimme your sperm.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Porno. Bareback porno. Cum filled holes bareback porno, which once contained high erotic content is devolving. The new breed cinematographer - ok - camera jock, has replaced homoerotica with corporaboners. For example, the guy on the left. A computer generated image, sorta exotic in a quixotic way. I once saw a muscle guy at the Dore Ally Street Fair in 1997 who, decked out in leather, chains and baby oil oozed male sexuality this image imatates. He became for me a role model. The image on the left, a caracature. Which drives my point: Mr. Oh My God is palpable. With some work at the gym, custom leather duds I can become a reflection of my soul. What the Greeks called arate. Not only are Greeks missing from the latest pile of bare erotica, so is the soul.

Which brings me to my second point. How much sperm can a butt hole take before semen's acidic base causes chaped and reddened butt hole or holes as the case may be. I don't have any idea. Neither do corporaboner guys. A pulsating, pouty butt hole oozing spooge is highly erotic. A spoogy hole cinematically made to look like Hoover Dam holding Lake Meade, low erotica. Here is the place where gay bareback porno guys are going to run the train off the tracks. Punn intended.

The image on the left is highly eroticized, and highly attainable imagry. There is not much of this kind of homoerotic sexual fantasy available in todays market place. Yet there are guys, across the total age specturm who would work well in this genre of bareback film production. The caveat is compensation.

Its always about money isn't it. Porno is a business. The current inventory of available films reflects assembly line production. The structure to market and sell is lean as well. The salaries reflect it. Here is the failure and the opportunity.

I don't need 100 loads up my butt or down my throat. Its distracting.
What I need is one or two dicks up my ass seeding it. When I flick stroke and squirt, I have allowed a credible character on screen into my head and I into his. This is porno.

Putting the bow on my bull twat, reality sex is a total erotic experience limited by imagination. Bareback porno, Betty Crocker porno from the studios in eunichville have missed this vital customer loyalty issue.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What I can see I don't fear. What I can't see, I might fear. Fear of the unknown is devilish. Evil triggers mass hysteria. Evil is not asymitrical to good. It is what it is, resides where it chooses. God versus Satan. I push boundaries with Satan and cover my ass with God. Its rational

When I put on my leather, oil up, and tear it up with my other leather buds I choose Satan and I worship him and offer him my body. I am mentally ready to take what comes: piss, spit, bondage, humiliation, barebacking.

I thrive, my buds thrive on muscle, roids, and sexual fantasy. B&D, submission to a power greater than myself is a total turn-on especially if the object is a large freaky male. He doesn't have to be ripped, but he has to be big and have a commanding presence. Here is the kernel, the truth that men like me, who control want to be controlled themselves. Tied up, forced to lick pits, suck nipples, work a big dick and balls and slurp butt hole. Under the threat of pain, possibly under the influence, the scene doesn't leave much choice. Do as you are told or you will be beaten. Please beat me Master SIR. WHAM, WHAM , WHAM - darkness.

I sometimes feel a strange presence in my room at night. As though the room were aspirating, slow breaths, seductive breaths offering me an invitation. I know the dark spirit. I welcome him, I spread my legs my fuck hole opened wide. Halucenating? More like aware. I feel him take me, rip into my body, and sperm me with a charged load. I wanted that load. I will always want charged load. Now its time for him to feltch and feed me.

I am a homosexual and a man. I don't need meth to take me where I naturally want to go. HAIL Fredonia.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This world compels us to do nothing except that which is in our active imagination. Reduced to bare essentials, imagination, desire and execution will move the meat to the skillet. Wouldn't you really rather have a homoerotic fuck session where sperm goes into you, fucked like an animal, treated like a sperm recepticle? Fuck, why sit on all those super large dildoes stretching out your bull twat if you aren't going to take the big one with the live load. Why watch bareback porno, if you are going to allow guilt or fear stop you. Maybe its self hatered. Maybe your really homophobic. Nice homos don't bareback. All those guys who died in the 80's and early 90's did they die in vain? Did they die so I could be irresponsible? Are you irresponsible if you take hot shots of semen up your ass - or - are you evil if you knowing shoot a load of HIV infested sperm into a willing hole?

Not according to the drug companies. Hell, everyone should be lining up for inseminantation. Our freinds in the drug companies have promised us a normal life. Acturial tables assign normal spans to HIV infected men who get various life sustaining drugs.Those ads rocket us to a serene state of joyous freedom. Thanks drug companies - you are really our friend

Do you think crystal meth is responsible for putting evil thoughts in your mind. Is it possible to think hot male sex, naked, sweaty, spermy already resides in some brain recess. Of course, after the innitial 5 hits off the pipe, when your legs are spread wide and your hole is pulsating for dick, its the drugs fault - another evil, the satanic evil. He will come to the poor slob and breed him with a charged load of spunk. A foreign thought, from a foreign object, and a foreign belief. Maybe it was there all along. Eventually you would have barebacked. You will someday be man; to admit what it is you want, accept the truth and yourself. Trouble is, homo's are a conflicted lot.

Meth is Mr. Devils drug, of choice - so I am told. Yeah maybe. I like steriods too. And its Mr. Satan to you.